Capt'n! We're givin' her everything we got!

Work In Progress / 03 November 2021

I'm happy. Things are starting to look the way I'd like. In particular, I'm struck again by how helpful it was to have JBKappirossi help me set up a nice skylight. This sunrise shot is so beautiful.

The net meshes being added here are a huge deal! After several days of failing I finally got it to work the way I want, which is even better than initially planned. The net is dynamic due to using Maya 2022's Sweep functionality. I can change the geometry provided I save the curves. I used a Python script made by Schocki on Gumroad to connect the curve vertices while still keeping the curves separate. Make sure your curves all have the same pivot prior to running the script or you will get undesirable results. Thank you to Will Chambers for pointing me to the script, all of my netty plans hinged on that functionality working.

Here is a closeup on the preliminary net in Unreal. I believe it adds a lot to the scene.

A bit further out now.

Excited! Looking forward to tomorrow, and to sleeping tonight. G'night.